Oloain Conferences and Talks


  • Courses Administration

    The monitoring and development of the courses is the responsibility of the Board of Studies.

  • Degree Structure

    The academic year is divided into two semesters, approximatetly 22 weeks per semester.

  • Teaching and Assessment

    Ongoing assessment will be made with weekly classroom MCQ tests (10 minutes – 20 minutes) and submission of weekly Tutorials.

  • Awards

    A study of three years following an M.A. or five years following a B.A. under the guidance of two suppliers.

  • Attendance Policy

    World Sikh University recognises the impact of regular University attendance on students’ learning.

  • Policy for Refund of Fees

    The basic policy is that fee once paid is not refundable. World Sikh University has a policy NOT TO REFUND any tuition fees