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Master of Arts (M.A. )

Comparative Study of World Religions: Specializing in Sikh Studies
Entry Requirements

  • B.A. (Hons) degree from the World Sikh University London, or…
  • A good honours degree from any other approved University/Collage, or…
  • All other international qualifications equivalent to the above, as specified by the British Council.
  • GCSE passes in English and Panjabi (or passes in the World Sikh University’s English and Panjabi tests).



A pass in the Foundation Course of 10 weeks, based on an introductory study of the major World Religions, is a prerequisite for a direct entry into the M.A. course offered by the University.


The Admissions Officer will adopt a flexible approach towards potential admissions whose application constitute an exceptional case, especially for those over the age of twenty-one years. The main criteria here is to recruit with integrity, in other words, when the applicant is likely to succeed upon the course.


Appropriate exemptions are allowed from course units if a student has an equivalent qualification at GCE (A level) or degree level. An application for exemption from a specific course unit must be made to the University Registrar.


Please check with Registrar, World Sikh University London. Fees on application. Fees must be paid at the time of enrolment.  Fees once paid are non-refundable.


Annual fees for the courses are payable at the time of enrolment. All fees are for one academic session, and not refundable. The fees include the costs of the teaching and internal examinations. The fees do not, however, cover the cost of books, stationery, handouts or the cost of external examinations.

Course Overview:

M.A. : Comparative studies in World religions: Specialising in Sikh studies.

Foundation Course:     Before beginning your M.A. degree you will be required to complete a 10 week Foundation course. Please follow this link for syllabus details.

First Semester:
22 weeks: from second week of January – to second week of July

Input hours: Full time course 20 hours per week, Part-time course 10 hours per week

Module No. Number of Weeks 22. Module Name
101T 6 Introduction to Sikh Religion
102F 4 The history of Punjab form Aryan civilization to present day.
103D 8 Introductory Studies of Guru Granth Sahib
104F 4 Introductory Studies of one other world Scripture

Second Semester: Year 1
Second Semester – 30 weeks:
22 teaching weeks and a research period of about 8 weeks for the project

Module No. No. of Weeks: 22 Module Name
201T 6 The Philosophies of Three World Religions: Sikhism
202 HH 202 HI 202HC 3x2=6 Any two from: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Judaism, Christianity.
203F 4 Dasam Granth- An Introduction
204 F 4 Janamsaki Parampara
205F 3 Sikh religious practices and British Law
206 D 7 Project of about 10,000/12,000 words on a topic approved by the University

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