Course Single Details

Foundation Course:

Lectures Time Input:
Full time 18 hours per week and
Part time 10 hours per week for a total of 10 weeks.

Online Lecture Time Table:

Date Week No. Topic Professor
October 1 The World Religions Dr. J. K. Sirha
October 2 Introduction to Sikhism Dr. J. K. Sirha
October 3 Introduction to Hinduism Dr. M Amdekar
October 4 Introduction to Islam Dr. A. Wahab
November 5 Introduction to Jainism Dr. V. Kapashi
November 6 Introduction to Christianity Rev. Basil Amey
November 7 Introduction to Buddhism Dr. V Kapasi
November 8 Introduction to Judaism Dr. J. Schonfield
December 9 Summary of World Religions Dr. S. S. Kapoor
December 10 Examinations  

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